Fallen Star Series


Gemma Lucas lives a lonely life, having only recently experienced emotions, until she partners with a mysterious boy named Alex for a school project. After a dangerous encounter on a field trip, she is drawn into a world of magic, visions, and a startling prophecy about her own future.

Fallen Star Series (The Fallen Star, The Underworld, The Vision, The Promise)
By: Jessica Sorensen
My Rating: 3.5 of 5
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Fiction!?!? (ibooks catagorized each book of the series into a different genre *sigh*)
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How did I find this book: browsing for free ebooks

This past week, I’ve been rereading the Fallen Star series until I can get fresh books from the library. I downloaded or purchased them for under $5 on my iPad about a year and a half ago. Because the best part is the unveiling of the mysteries, I haven’t been quite as hooked as I was the first time around.
Protagonist Gemma is a bit surly,  and the other main characters are okay. Her changing relationships with those around her keep the plot moving.  I think the cast of characters could be expanded after hanging out with the same few people for four whole books. As the series progresses, thankfully the settings become more original and defined. The first book took place in a typical house, a typical school, another typical house, and a grocery store. Sounds exciting for a “Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Fiction”, right?
Without giving too much away, another downside to the books is the lack of people using their  magical powers  in exciting ways for a fantasy. We’ve become accustom to strong, skilled, independent female leads from bestselling YA, so Gemma falls a little flat at times.  That said, I did appreciate the lack of cursing or any content that could be inappropriate. If it were ever made into a movie, I’m sure it would be rating PG.

Okay, so should I read this?
It’s worth downloading if you don’t have any other books left to read at home.

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