Q and A with Teen Author K.R. Brown

I talked with K.R. Brown, the author of The White Dove and its sequels, about her inspiration for her novels and the difficulties she overcame on her road to being a published writer.

Infinity Read: How old were you when you wrote The White Dove? What made you decide you wanted to write this story? K.R. Brown: I was in 10th grade, which would put me around 16. I had come up with the idea in 8th grade, but stopped writing it because I didn’t like super heroes. Then I saw my first marvel movie. It was due to Captain America that I wrote the White Dove.

How long did you take you to write the book? Were there any difficulties you had to overcome when writing the story? White Dove took longer because of being in school when writing it. I started in January and finished in mid-June. I’m better at it now, but writing The White Dove, I had a hard time with continuity. All these little details I would mess up and have to back to fix.

What was the publishing process like? It was very slow. It was back again in the school year. We used the same publisher as a family friend. It takes them awhile to read over it. Then they have to ask for more details like the back of the book, which takes time to write.

Who or what were your biggest inspirations for this story? Marvel is what motivated me to write a superhero story. My own idea for The White Dove inspired me enough. My main thing is listen to music when I write, especially during fight scene. I hear the music and it gives me ideas. I grew up listening to country music, but what I listen to for battle scenes tends to me rock.

Which character or characters from The White Dove are you most like and why? ‘m more like Isabel. I didn’t think I would publish it, I thought it was a far-off dream. Now it is, and now there is a character similar to me out there.

Will readers get to hear more from Delilah, David, and the rest of the Defenders? They aren’t in the second book, but the third book is when I start bringing them together.

Looking back on the White Dove and the whole process from start to finish, what are you most proud of? One of the hardest things about writing is not finishing it. I’m proud I actually finished it. I already know the story, but I have write it down for people to understand it.