4 Reasons to Connect with an Author

Over the past few years, I have had the honor to connect with local author Felicia Bridges. As the writer of the series International Missions Force, she creates inspirational adventure stories of teens and their relationship with God. Her current titles include Czechmate (featured previously on this blog), BoliviaKnight, and an upcoming third novel. Bridges has been so kind and inclusive to me since I expressed interest in her works. I’m sure not all authors have the time or resources to respond to readers. However, if you know of someone who writes, visits a career day, or can find someone to contact through social media, I would highly recommend reaching out.

  1. They inspire you to write your own stories. After reading Bridge’s first book, I actually crafted a short story of my own missions trip. For me, seeing a woman pursuing her calling and being published pushed me to work more.
  2. You can ask them questions about writing/editing/publishing. During the launch of her first book, Bridges took questions about her journey toward becoming an author. I have messaged her questions of my own about publishing and other career ideas. In order to learn more about careers I’m interested in, I’ve also shadowed a lawyer and a advertising accounts manager. Although not everyone will respond positively, showing initiative and being polite might lead to a valuable opportunity.
  3. You might even be able to read/ help with an early draft. I was so excited to read a draft and make comments on Bolivia Knight.
  4. You get practice writing. If an author invests time with you, one of the best things you can do to help them succeed is to write their book a thoughtful review or endorsement. Try Amazon, your own social media, or blog. Evaluating a text and articulating what you liked about it sharpens your own literary skills. Writing about any topic can improve your ability to think and communicate clearly.

My endorsement of BoliviaKnight (bottom of back cover).

Image Credit: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/514t6yzRHqL.jpg