Most criminals fulfill their sentences in prison, but Celestine’s society ridicules and brands those who make distasteful decisions. Celestine believed she wasn’t the type of person who would ever receive a “F” brand for being Flawed.  When a dilemma arises that affects both her logic and emotions, she must decide who she can trust and how brave she will be.

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Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

My rating: 3 of 5

Genre: Dystopian

I was surprised that this novel received an above average rating on Goodreads. Although it had a few notable features, I viewed it as average overall. The main character did not embody a distinct personality showing itself consistently in thoughts or actions. A lack of exploring the setting added discomfort in the plot. They have the technology to get rid of wrinkles and aging, but everything else is the same? Why do certain actions merit lifelong punishment while more explicit crimes carry a finite sentence?  What kept me interested were the emotional scenes full of impact and bursts of description. I appreciate the skill of an author who can use more than romantic relationships to elicit feeling, and the plot moved quickly enough to be engaging.I will have to decide if I should read the sequel. I also was refreshed to find a young heroine of color in a genre with many Caucasian leads.

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