The Unexpected Everything

Politican’s daughter Andie has learned the importance of planning and personal drive in achieving success. Yet she hasn’t learned how to deeply connect with people like her busy father or the cute stranger she walks a dog for. When one rumor destroys her summer plans, Andie discovers how to process uncontrollable events and her own emotions.

By: Morgan Matson

Genre: Realistic Fiction

My Rating: 4 of 5
While I have been positively rating many books recently, this book was on the list of Top YA Fiction of 2016. Even if you aren’t a dog person, you still might want to pack this perfect-for-summer novel alongside sunscreen and a towel. The plot might be lacking, reminiscient of a cheap rom-com, but the development of nuanced themes adds depth and emotion. It explores father-daughter relationships, the need for vulnerability for intiminacy, and accepting the unchangeable. Andie’s attitude toward  interpersonal relationships grows throughout, and the ending hits a satisfactory note. However, the theme of taking chances is a cliché addition. Flowing from almost every YA work of fiction, either risk-taking must be present for a storyline to move or authors over-associate the idea with teenagers.

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