Carve the Mark

Cyra’s current gift, or special ability, fills her and those she touches with pain. Used as a weapon by her brother Ryzek, the ruler of her people, Cyra’s terrible actions begin to torture her mind. A captive boy named Akos presents her a chance to discover mercy as he struggles to free his own brother.

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Carve the Mark 

By: Veronica Roth

My Rating: 3 of 5

Genre: Science Fiction

Veronica Roth delivers a novel with similar features of her famous novel Divergent, with meaningful inter- and intra personal character conflicts, complex parental figures, and an unoriginal premise. While the novel delivered little new in terms of plot, major themes play out well against a backdrop of planets and superpowers. The main character Cyra struggles with chronic pain and how what she’s done has affected her character. It also displays the power of redemption, and how people can fundamentally change through the positive or negative influencers in their lives.

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