7 Best YA Fiction Reads Set in Space

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1. Across the Universe by Beth Revis. Aboard the Godspeed starship, Amy and 100 other cryogenically frozen colonists are on their way to a new solar system. Elder, the only teenager and the leader of the ship’s crew, unfreezes Amy to see someone near his own age. When frozen colonists start to perish, Amy and Elder must discover who is behind these murders. Packed with plot twists, the Across the Universe Trilogy is an unpredictable ride containing realistically portrayed relationships.

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2. Salvage by Alexandra Duncan. When Ava makes a rash decision and ruins her future, she is smuggled to earth where she fights to survive. With the help of family and unexpected friends, she overcomes her past and forms her own identity. Racial and gender discrimination in Salvage artfully illuminates social issues in our society today.

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3. Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan. A desperate situation aboard the neighboring space vessel Empyrean leads to the capture of the girls aboard Waverley’s ship. Conflict brews on both vessels as the girls face a childless Empyrean crew while the boys must run the ship themselves. Glow features a strong female protagonist in a story woven with themes reminiscent of the darker side of Puritanism.

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4. The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid.  Nemesis, a genetically engineered humanoid, was made to protect a senator’s daughter named Sidonia. However, she begins to move beyond her biology after taking Sidonia’s place in the galactic court of a power-hungry Emperor. Nemesis now works with a surprising ally to save humanity from its harsh rulers and aging technology. The complex characters and original setting of The Diabolic make it an engaging read.

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5. Cinder by Marissia Meyer. A cruel stepmother feels justified in using the tinkering skills of her cyborg stepdaughter Cinder to support her family through a mechanic’s shop. An incurable disease and threats from the Lunar Queen Levana force young Emperor Kai to look for help. With Cinder’s talents and bravery and Kai’s position, they start a team that grows in members throughout the following books. While the first book Cinder was adequate by itself, the entire Lunar Chronicles is a series full of adventure, featuring new takes on classic fairytales.

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6. These Broken Stars by Annie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner. When a luxury starship crashes, an unlikely pair must survive on a desolate planet. Lilac is the daughter of one of the richest men in the universe, while Tarver has faced hardship as a soldier. Together they uncover secrets about Lilac’s father and learn to understand each other despite their different backgrounds. These Broken Stars contains lyrical writing and a fulfilling romance for those who enjoy that genre.

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7. Entangled by Amy Rose Capetta. What happens when you mix rock n’ roll and The Hitcherhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? A story about a girl named Cade who uses music to fight the ringing in her head. Cade finds out she has been quantum entangled with boy named Xan. She gathers a motley crew in aid in her search across the stars for Xan. Entangled delivers a fun cast of characters and satisfying conclusion.

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