On Location: Dig Deeper into the International Missions Force Series

I got the chance to interview YA fiction writer Felicia Bridges about being an author, putting yourself out there, and why she’s been successful. Read the video transcript here.


Where do the books of her series take place? Check out my info graphic below to find out and see where her next novels will be set! The video and infographic are for my final project for my Media and Journalism 121 class at UNC. 


Czech Mate


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Czech Mate, Book One of the International Missions Force

By: Felicia Bridges

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Christian

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When her father finds an assistant professorship in Prague, Nicole Wise and her family follow God’s calling from America to the Czech Republic. Although Nicole is eager to share about Jesus’ love with her new friends, the reemergence of the Communist Party threatens their safety. After her parents are captured, her younger brother Adam and a young Romani man named Jakub must prove the Wise’s innocence.

The debut full-length novel Czech Mate by Felicia Bridges brings Prague to life with careful description, action, and a realistic heroine. Closing many of the chapters is a side story with features drawn from legend that deals with the consequences of pride and rash decisions. Nicole’s bravery inspires action as she works to save her parents and the lost Czech in her school. Her flaws align with a understandable fear of the unknown, and her strengths serve as a role model for any teen. In a similar manner to how a crime drama might lead one to investigate a career in criminal justice, this book has the ability to raise interest in foreign missions. The author’s passion for everyone to hear of God’s love flows throughout, as well as her trust in God’s omnipotence.  I look forward to seeing how both the author grows and the thread of the story continues in the upcoming sequel, Bolivia Knight.

I was able to meet with the author and attend a book launching party! Her blog is here:

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Her sequel, BolviaKnight is coming soon and I had the wonderful opportunity to write an endorsement for it: Emotional and tense, Bolivia Knight is an exciting read with unforgettable characters and a packed plot. Bridges weaves another story of courage and high-stakes adventure with snippets of legend in her latest installment to the International Missions Force Series. I loved immersing myself in Peter, Kasey, Hector, and Ranza’s world and would recommend this book to all ages!

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